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Trying to follow your rock and roll dreams and make enough money to leave your small town? Good thing this band is made up entirely of women in their twenties, just the right age and gender to be taken seriously by everyone!

(played by Maia Jae Bastidas)

Erika, the leader of the band, trusts no one and feels she has to do everything herself, which of course works great in a band of four headstrong women.

(played by Alexandra Bayer)

Perfect, pretty, and privileged Vanessa may have her shit together on the surface, but when repressed memories arise (with the help of some shrooms), she is forced to face the imperfection in her life.

(played by Dorrett White)

Trudi has a big personality and a big booty, and she has never given a fuck about society‚Äôs judgements of either. 

(played by Kiriana Stanton)

Ever the rebel, Joanne left her ultra-conservative home at the age of sixteen and now, twelve years later, lives happily as a tattooed, pierced, pansexual woman, with her non-binary partner, Kira.

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