Meet the Team

Werner Artinger


Werner is the originator of Girl Logic, and began developing the series several years ago. He then realised he was not a woman and not in his twenties, and decided to enlist the help of Alexandra, who is.

Werner has been working as an actor in the entertainment industry since the 1990s. He has been credited as a producer on the short films Free Spirit, and The Clubhouse Dysfunctional Existentialists. Throughout the years, Werner has also co-written numerous independent short films and series. One of his writing credits includes the short film Lords of the Film Race, which won an audience award at The Actor’s Place TAPFest.

Alexandra Bayer


Alexandra is the co-creator and co-writer of Girl Logic. Upon coming on board the project, she helped re-write the pilot script and formulate the season one outline. 

Alexandra has been acting her whole life, and on-screen for the last nine years, which will contribute to her portrayal of the character of Vanessa in Girl Logic. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in English and a minor in Drama. She has also written a novel titled Identity (, which was published in 2020. 

Amir Kiani


Amir is an Iranian born former journalist, a Toronto-based producer, and an alumnus of Staffordshire University and the Asian Film Academy. After graduating from film school and creating seven short films in Iran, he moved to Ottawa to pursue his education in fine arts and cinema. Amir is a proud student of great masters of cinema such as the legendary French writer Jean-Claude Carrière, Palme d’Or winner Hou Hsiao-Hsien, and the respected producer of Hanway Films, Stephan Mallmann.

 In 2016 Amir established his production company Cinemote, and since then has directed and produced a 7-episode documentary series, four short films, and is currently in development of a feature documentary, as well as a narrative feature-length film. His works have been screened at over 40 film festivals and art venues, including Raindance and Busan International Film Festival.

Reem Morsi


Before becoming a filmmaker, Reem worked as a professional scuba diver, and as a human rights officer at the UN and other organizations for over a decade.

Morsi’s many short film include Their Feast (2012 TIFF, BBC, Cine Sud), The Door (Whistler, 2016 & Best Drama (Yorkton 2017 & multiple awards at WIFT Showcase 2018), Show & Tell (2016- WIFT/BravoFact winner) & Multiple Golden Sheaf Awards (Yorkton, 2017). Her multi-genres first feature film, Hysteria, a Telefilm Talent to Watch/CFC/Netflix Accelerator/CCA is currently in post- production. Her second feature, “The Last Mark”, screened at TIFF Selects, 2021. Reem has also directed two episodes of “Virgins”, a CBC Gem series and others. She is currently in production on her third feature, “Queen Tut”, to be released early 2023. She is also in development on her series “Zahra’s Faces” & “Sweet & Sore”. 

Morsi’s feature film script, Bootleg, received many accolades including the Rainin Grant/San Francisco Film Society (2016), Berlinale Script Lab 2018, and highlighted at the Berlinale Talents Opening Ceremony, participated at Realness Pan African Screenwriting Residency & Cannes Film Festival Atelier des Cinemas du Mondes. Bootleg is currently in final stages of development. 

Alex Whorms

Music Supervisor and Consultant

Alex has been a professional musician since the age of twelve, and currently occupies several different positions in the music industry, including instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, music supervisor, and music teacher. She has experience touring with bands, as well as working as a solo artist. For Girl Logic, Alex operates as creative consultant, music supervisor, and composer. 

During COVID, Alex shifted her focus from live performance to the film/television industry, and has since scored seven independent films. She was also a music coordinator for the Bell Fibe TV1 comedy-music series "This Is The Thing" (which involved performances by various musical groups in every episode, and both the licensing and composing of music). Like the entire Girl Logic team, Alex is passionate about working towards gender parity in the music and film industries, especially since she worked on the 2021 documentary "Why Didn't I Leave" with an all-female crew. As a young, queer female artist used to being the only woman in the room or on the stage, it is important to her to work on projects like Girl Logic to increase the representation of diverse groups in music and digital media.


Maia Jae Bastidas .......... Erika
Alexandra Bayer .......... Vanessa
Dorrett White .......... Trudi
Kiriana Stanton .......... Joanne
Lorn Eisen .......... Stage Manager


Reem Morsi .......... Director
Werner Artinger .......... Showrunner/Writer/Producer
Alexandra Bayer .......... Showrunner/Writer/Producer
Amir Kiani .......... Producer/Production Designer
Issa Shah .......... Cinematographer
Alex Whorms .......... Music Supervisor/Creative Consultant
Melody Shang .......... Production Manager
Amanda Wong .......... Location Sound Recordist
Chrysanthi Zora Michaelides .......... Costume Designer
Dayyaan Jameel .......... 1st AD
Keisha Kerr .......... Key Hair and Makeup Artist
Mariya Siddiqui .......... Makeup Artist
Julius Velarde .......... Gaffer
Long Mai .......... 1st AC
Katherin Camposleiva .......... PA
Hsin Lee .......... PA


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